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Rural Integrated Engineering (Pty) Ltd.
Rural Integrated Engineering (Pty) Ltd - RIEng

Rural Integrated Engineering (Pty) Ltd. (RIEng) was established in January 2002 and focuses on agriculture as a base for rural development. The company slogan "Partners for Sustainable Development" indicates that experts and appropriate technology are combined in order to enhance human based, sustainable rural development.


Even though the two Directors are graduates in Agricultural engineering, with more than 30 years of combined experience in rural development, the philosophy at RIEng is that sustainable development is ultimately about the development of people to realize their potential. Infrastructure and technology provision are rendered useless if beneficiaries are not ready and empowered to use it in a proper manner. Hands-on training and capacity building is therefore an essential element of RIEng's activities.


In order to provide the wide range of skills necessary in development projects, we network with partners and associates for example the Agricultural Research Council, the University of South Africa, Vela VKE inc. Munyai & Malaka Engineers (MME), Umhlaba Consulting and various individual experts. Working with selected partners facilitates an integrated approach for projects and optimises the contribution of each involved discipline towards a sustainable end-product.


RIEng would typically be responsible for the following activities in a project: Project management, technical evaluation, planning and design, tender inputs and liaison, quality control, liaison with farmer's communities to clarify technical issues, construction training and monitoring for the optimal use of technology.